Vasilopita Apli (Sakoula)(Display)

Product code

0099 (500gr)

0098 (1000gr)

Product handling

Keep in cool and dry place

Shelf life

2 months


10 pieces(500gr)/box

5 pieces(1000gr)/box


30 boxes/pallet

The most delicious starting point! Vasilopita is a New Year’s Pie in Greece, made of a variety of doughs. This one is like a Tsoureki, a brioche type sweet bread, fluffy and impressive, with a hidden coin for the ritual of the first day of the New Year, a unique aromatic bouguet and wonderful rich taste.

You will find it in a square branded box with a transparent opening, in three flavors: classic with freshly roasted almonds, coated in white chocolate, and coated in dark chocolate.

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