Baking to perfection the most delicious sweets for businesses. Let us know your needs!

Our daily mission is to bake for businesses and serve quickly and efficiently, companies in the catering industry, HO.RE.CA., retail and wholesale chains, but also local shops, or bakeries, confectioneries, canteens, bars, and even catering companies.

We respond to any professional’s needs for quality biscuits, cookies, desserts and savouries. Our services include:

  • supply of bulk and retail baking products of guaranteed quality and excellent prices
  • consistent delivery within 48 hours and complete cost control
  • special professional packaging for supermarkets and retail chains
  • development of private label products (PL) for small or large companies
  • special individual display packages for the mass catering market (HO.RE.CA.)

If you are looking for a good supplier
for your delicious cookies,
we welcome you to the Biscotti-Tsoungari family!


This is how we guarantee the quality of your favourite products!

At Biscotti Tsoungari we want our customers and their consumers to be sure that what they choose from us is always fresh and excellent. Focusing on the quality of our products is a key point in our operation. That is why the food safety and quality assurance management systems are integrated at all the stages of our production. Furthermore, our experienced staff is frequently trained to follow all the new guidelines that ensure safe consumption and commercial reliability.

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