Our bakery pastry unit is modern and ultra clean!

A delight for the eyes, the palates and the souls

Every day, at Biscotti Tsoungari we knead first quality ingredients that we carefully choose ourselves. We shape, bake and sometimes, we enjoy those characteristic minutes that the oven fire gives the most beautiful colour to our creations. We syrup, garnish, go through the chocolate machine, sprinkle with crispy nuts, sweet spices, choco truffles, silky sugar, we fill with rich creams and jams, we garnish products that delight the eyes, the palates and the souls of those who taste them.

All these happen in our modern bakery pastry unit in Thessaloniki. It is a professional welcoming space that meets the highest standards, features four production lines and supports ergonomically and automatically the most delicate moments of our production, without removing the handmade value of every preparation. In this space, we come up with new products and experiment with new flavours. And this journey never stops.