Manufacture, retail, and wholesale of traditional confections, cookies, and savouries

We make handmade cookies, biscuits, savouries and desserts, and distribute them all over Greece and since 2009, we export them to more than fifteen countries around the world.


Our activity includes serving retail and wholesale chain stores, the HO.RE.CA. sector, tourism and mass catering companies, but also local stores, coffee spots, bakeries, confectionery and pastry shops, all over Greece and abroad.


In addition, through our online presence and the company’s retail shops in Nea Krini and our headquarters in Thermi, Thessaloniki, we have the pleasure to come in direct contact with our consumers.


If you would like to become an authorized local Biscotti Tsoungari dealer, contact us, today!


Proud of our art, grateful for our unique family business journey, which has continued with undiminished passion since 1936, we are constantly investing in new products, updated equipment and new markets.


To the growing demands of the market for excellent cookies, sweet and savouries, we respond with high daily production capacity and a network of dealers that is constantly expanding, in order to ensure consistent distribution and supply to the companies that rely on us.

We respond to any professional’s needs for quality biscuits, cookies, desserts, and savouries:

  • with excellent value for money and consistent delivery in 48 hours
  • in professional packaging that best serves retail stores
  • in attractive branded packages that make a strong shelf
  • in individual private label packages that build identity and enhance the image of a HO.RE.CA.

The secrets of a successful business recipe

Our vision at Biscotti Tsoungari is to offer joy and delight through great products, inspiring people to connect in a superb and delicious way. We want to be the first and best source of high-quality cookies, desserts and savouries.

In Quality we trust

We believe in quality; in home recipes, in excellent raw materials, in careful preparation, in good collaborations. Quality always wins!


We welcome all the beauty of our work, appreciating the sweet smells, the pastries, the delicious cookies and our contented customers. This is our legacy and we cherish it as a gift and a source of inspiration.


We dare to bring novelty in everything we do. Creating cookies and cooperating with people all over the world connect us with new ideas, new recipes, new possibilities, and new partners in Greece and abroad. Looking ahead carries our tradition forward.

Work and Joy

We put our heart and soul into our cookies, desserts and savory products, or else they don’t turn out as delicious. For all of us, our partners and the fans of our products, this is pure joy and pleasure, even though sometimes we call it work.

Our daily mission is to:

Be a reliable manufacturer and responsible supplier of a wide range of cookies, savouries and desserts.


Make excellent products for the shelf and the showcase window of every sale point that trusts us and pursues to strengthen its relationship with its consumers.


Help the catering businesses offer their guests and visitors small signature miracles of sweetness and taste.


Participate competitively and qualitatively in the Greek economy, supporting our industry and the country’s exports.


Invest in upgrading our logistics infrastructure and our human workforce development.


Set high standards of production, operation and cooperation.


Ally with other companies, building long-lasting and fruitful relationships.


Create profit for all. Because in a society with smart businesses, everyone benefits and everyone progresses.