TSOUREKI (500gr)

Product code


Product handling

Keep in cool and dry place

Shelf life

2 months


6 pieces/box


60 boxes/pallet

We dedicate time to knead our handmade brioche type doughs. To form a smooth and cohesive mass for our Tsoureki, care is needed. We bake them to perfection and package, these Greek traditional sweet breads, in branded transparent packages for you or your customers to be able to see and tell the difference even before opening them. Fluffy, with a rose-baked soft crust, sweet elastic threads in the dough, and the classic aromas of mahlepi, mastic and vanilla, every delicious bite leaves an excellent aftertaste.You will find them in different quantities and many wonderful versions: classics with freshly roasted almonds, glazed with white or dark chocolate, with apple, hazelnut or tahini cream filling, a festive pleasure for every moment of every day!