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    Παραγωγή Μπισκότων &
    Ειδών Ζαχαροπλαστικής
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Truffle with apricot jam Petit four

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Τρούφας με μαρμελάδα βερύκοκο

Handmade products

The quality of our products constitutes the main aim of our company. The traditional way of production is of great importance, based on selected and pure ingredients, following the recipes that we created since 1936 and continue to generate new products according to the needs of our consumers.

Truffle with apricot jam Petit four

available in
  • case of 3 kgr tray
  • case of 12 boxes (330gr. per box)

Συσκευασία Πτι φουρ τρούφα με μαρμελάδα βερύκοκο
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