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  • since 1936

    Παραγωγή Μπισκότων &
    Ειδών Ζαχαροπλαστικής
    Pastry & Cookie Production

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Biscotti Products

Biscotti cookies

The product range includes more than 100 products such as cookies and biscuits, pastries, Greek syrup delights and various Greek christmas and easter cakes. The quality of our products constitutes the main aim of our company. The traditional way of production is of great importance, based on selected and pure ingredients, following the recipes that were created since 1936 and continue to generate new products according to the needs of our consumers. The product quality is very important to our company that is why we follow the requirements of the quality management system to BS EN ISO 22000/2005. All of our production steps are certified with the international food safety quality standard BS EN ISO 22000/2005. To properly implement our strict quality standards, our manufacturing facilities are constantly being improved and further developed our staff continuously. “Biscotti” is based in Thessaloniki Greece, with production facilities which are equipped by all necessary and modern equipment in order to ensure safe production. End of 2010, start preparing the export activities of the company and today there are products in supermarkets, bakeries and selected outlets in more than 10 countries, including Germany, Holland, Belgium, England, Denmark, USA, Bulgaria and Cyprus.